About - Monthly Coloring Club

What’s Monthly Coloring Club?

Monthly Coloring Club is a coloring book subscription service that makes it easy for anyone who likes to color, relax at home with Coloring Therapy.


You have a lot going on in your life, and finding the best way to relax shouldn’t be. Every month you get an assortment of Coloring Pages with a Therapeutic Value™ of 9+ sent to your door or email.
You’ll never be bored as each month you get fresh new designs, made by different artists for a different theme.

You Simply Color

We Take Care of Everything Else

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Our Story

Like you, when I was younger, I enjoyed art.

So much that I often got not only my hands, but also my clothes splattered with paint.

As I got older, I got busy. You know, life happened. Eventually I forgot all about art and went on with my life.

But then, something happened.

A friend of mine told me secretly that she loves coloring in children’s book but didn’t like the bad quality paper and all the pages to finish within each book.

That’s when the idea for Monthly Coloring Club was born. To provide the best quality relaxing coloring pages that make life easier!

What you Get

Coloring Pages with a Therapy Value of 9+

You Simply Color

We take care of everything else

Themes From Past Months

Complex Mandala

Wild Safari

Weird & Wonderful

Why We’re Different

It’s only coloring pages with 9+ Therapeutic Value

How It Works

Select Pack

Tell us how you like to color. We’ve got coloring packs for every person!

Choose Plan

1, 6 or 12 month plans. Cancel anytime. Free shipping.

Simply Color

Coloring Packs are shipped on the 21st of each month. Relax & Color!

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