5 simple technique improving your creativity using adult coloring
5 simple technique improving your creativity using adult coloring

If you are feeling stuck in your work or personal life, developing your creativity will help you think, problem solve and express yourself in innovative new ways. When stressed out by life, more people are turning to coloring to reduce tension and anxiety. Through creative coloring, you can also unleash your creative expression. There are many ways to increase your creativity besides coloring between the lines. 

When we color, we use the logical left brain to stay between the lines and apply traditional color schemes. By doing coloring exercises that activate the creative right brain, you will open up a toolbox of abstract functions – visual perception, imagery, emotion, and spatial awareness – to awaken your creativity. 

Coloring exercises that stimulate your right brain – your creative and artistic center – boost your creativity. To liberate the creative expression of your right brain, try these exercises:

Color upside down – An upside-down image minimizes left brain tasks such as identifying and labeling parts. After inverting the direction of your coloring page, your perception will change. You will no longer see familiar forms to fill in. Instead, you will be following lines, angles and shapes, and interpreting space. You will be exercising your creative right brain instead of your logical, orderly left brain. While it may seem counterintuitive, try drawing a person by placing the page upright and then upside down. You may be surprised to discover that the portrait you drew with your left brain is more accurate. 

Create abstract art – Coloring books provide the form and allow you to choose the color, and often the color choice is obvious – a green tree, a blue lake, and so on. When you create the form yourself, different parts of the brain are activated. Unconfined by traditional color schemes, you will be more motivated to choose and experiment with non-traditional colors.

Use many and vibrant colors – When exposed to different colors, the right brain is more activated than the left. Try new colors and explore how different colors affect your mood. Choose healing, calming or stimulating colors. By changing your mood through colors, you can perform your own color therapy.

Color with your left hand – Right-brained people predominately use their left hand. By using your left hand, you can stimulate your creative brain. Try being a lefty and see if you become a more creative problem solver who draws on ingenuity and intuition to resolve issues. 

Color mandalas – Coloring mandalas is a meditative practice that activates the right brain. Once done, you can continue to meditate on your new artwork while massaging your creative brain. You can find inspiring Mandela patterns, as well as many other creative themes, at the monthlycoloringclub.com.

Coloring outside of the lines by transcending traditional form and color rules will allow you to engage in free expression and self-exploration. By learning how to draw on your imagination and ingenuity, you will develop a greater sense of mastery of your art and life.


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