best coloring supplies

Coloring is the best activity as it does not include spending heavily on a lot of supplies.  Having coloring supplies such as colored pencils, best markers and gel pens or pens is enough to do coloring. These are available at cheap prices at most of the stores and receiving it as a gift is also common.

The advantage is that the art supplies prices are economical, besides if someone gifts “Monthly Coloring Club” subscription, there is full scope of using the colored pencils, markers and gel pens. Initially, you can start with low-priced brands and later switch on to higher-priced coloring supplies. However, the most preferred combo is using colored pencils, markers and gel pens as each have distinct qualities and in combination creates really cool effects.



Using markers of good brand implies they are refillable. Such colors are very smooth and have minimal lines.  There are sketch markers coming with a chisel and brush tip. Using a fine point filling tiny details is possible and they are great to fill color in large areas. The markers are available in several colors from soft, subtle to vibrant and bold. Of course, the markers of professional quality may be pricey. There are many names in markers making the best coloring supplies such as Copic sketch markers, Prismacolor double-ended markers, Sharpie fine point markers, Crayola super tips markers, Tombow dual brush pens and pen sets.

As you can see from the image above, markers typically have either a chisel tip or a brush tip. This allows artists to get a different mark out of the marker. Some have a fine nib tip, which is great for details.

Copic Markers

Copic’s reputation in the marker industry usually precedes them. They have 3 different series. Their Sketch series is very similar to the Ciao, both have the dual tip and both are refillable. The Sketch are a bit more expensive but have more color options and hold more ink. The originals are similar to the sketch, but it holds the most amount of ink.

Chameleon Pens

These pens would be most useful to someone without many markers already or someone wanting a kit to take with them on trips or vacation. Since it has a limited palette, it takes more work to get the exact colors (by layering and blending) and there is a learning curve just like with all markers.

Colored Pencils

The colored pencils offer rich color that the artwork on completion looks like a painting. There is a range of colors available to be blended and layered easily that new colors can be created giving different shading effects. A fascinating way of adding interest and dimension to coloring page is through shading. Besides, layering colored pencils on markers create perfect shading. These colored pencils can be bought individually or as a set. Many names are in the market, but Prismacolor colored pencils are the best.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Prismacolor pencils are so soft and behave so much unlike any other colored pencils on the market, that they almost should be their own art medium. When used correctly, Prismacolor drawings can take on the appearance of a painting. These pencils are so soft and velvety that almost anyone can be successful with them.

Faber-Castell Polychromos

Polychromos are artist quality pencils from one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of art supplies, European company Faber-Castell. They are oil based and have unsurpassed lightfastness, and are regarded as one of the best quality colored pencils on the market.

Gel Pens

Gel pens are one of the coloring supplies that are in high use. The gel pens glide smooth and include a range of colors. They also come in different styles such as pastel soufflé, metallic, vibrant moonlight and so on. There are glittery gel pens that are good choices for eye-catching accents while coloring.  There are many good gel pens brands and also in affordable range. They come in bright colors and varieties such as metallic, glitter, neon and swirl. The super fine tips gel pens are the best choice to fill tiny areas and gel pens to not glide; besides they are available at cheap prices. A few names of gel pens are Sakura, Souffle, Fiskars, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Paper Mate Flair Guard Pens and Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

The ink in these pens glides smoothly and they have a fun range of colors and styles, such as Metallic, sparkly Stardust, pastel Souffle and vibrant Moonlight. It allows you to add nice decorative touches and accents that are eye-catching.


The Fiskar Gel Pens offer a lot of options when using coloring pages. However, sometimes it can be difficult to draw small details with pencils, no matter how sharp they are.


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