Taking yourself on a healing or wellness trip can do wonders for the mind and body. This article explores natural destinations well suited for a healing trip, along with ways to enrich your trip through a variety of restorative activities.

Planning the Ideal wellness Trip: Relaxing Destinations and Activities

A healing trip is not your typical vacation—it’s all about restoring the body, mind, and soul. If your trip is a success, you will feel refreshed and renewed. Learn how to plan a healing trip, including selecting a relaxing destination and choosing activities that will help achieve your wellness goals.

Healing Trip Destinations

Not just any location is suitable for your healing trip. You need a serene setting with natural beauty to wash away your stresses. Try one of the destinations on this list for an unforgettable experience.

Sedona, Arizona Resort

In the midst of picturesque canyons, you’ll find a selection of quiet resorts that offer healing experiences.

Yoga Retreat in Peru

Let the stunning scenery of South America surround you as you re-center yourself with intensive yoga practice.

Mediterranean Cruise

Steer clear of the party boats and look for a cruise line that offers spa packages, exclusive areas, and wellness tours. Let the serenity of the sea cleanse you as you enjoy plenty of downtime on board.

Quiet English Countryside

There’s a reason so many writers and poets got their inspiration from the English countryside and its quaint villages. Remind yourself of simpler times by taking in the rolling English landscapes from a bed and breakfast in areas such as Essex or Dorset.

New Zealand Getaway

From majestic beaches to fjords and snow-capped mountains, this small Pacific country is primed to take your breath away. Immerse yourself in its natural wonders, including hot springs.

Bali Retreat

Try a unique accommodation like a tree house in this dream-like tropical destination. Cleanse yourself by visiting one of the thousands of sacred Hindu temples.

Montana Wilderness

Give glamping or a wilderness resort a try to get closer to the land. Go for a horseback ride and let the open sky clear your mind. City dwellers may find this destination especially restorative.

Icelandic Adventure

Try visiting one of the many geothermal areas like the Blue Lagoon for a hot spring experience you won’t forget. Catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights from this place on earth like no other.

Healing Trip Activities

While spa treatments can certainly be a relaxing part of your healing trip, they are not the only option by far. Use the quiet and natural beauty to your advantage, and try some of the many refreshing options on this list.


With nature’s beauty around you, let your mind be free and clear of worries, to-dos, and all thoughts for a truly restorative experience. Practicing your meditation on your healing trip will help establish good habits for when you return home as well.

Natural Hot Bath

The minerals and heat of the earth are known to have many healing benefits, including improved circulation and pain relief.

Adult Coloring

Don’t let your self-care activities neglect your creative side. Bring along some relaxing coloring pages to unwind. Find some quiet time outdoors or enjoy coloring back in the comfort of your room. Monthly Coloring Club has a great resource for coloring book resources as a subscription or individual book.


Relieve muscle tension and improve circulation through one of the oldest natural healing methods. Try a hot stone massage for added benefit.

Young healthy woman in spa making treatments and face clay mask.


Put your devices away to get the most out of your healing trip. Escape into the pages of a classic or a modern tale—you don’t have to limit yourself to self-improvement books.


Your healing trip offers the perfect setting to tend your mind and body with yoga. Center yourself in your practice and come home feeling stronger, taller, and lighter.


Journaling can offer great stress relief. Release your tension onto the page, letting your thoughts pour from your pen. This a great activity for the beginning and end of your days on your healing trip.

Enjoy Your Healing Trip

Though it may be tempting to fill every moment of your healing trip with rejuvenating experiences, don’t neglect the importance of downtime. Take in the beauty of your surroundings and savor this important time for nourishing your well-being. With the right destination and selection of activities, your healing trip can be truly transformative.