Copic Markers are one of the most popular types of markers. It’s popular because the manufacturers of Copic Markers make sure it is of great quality. They even hand test all markers before sending it out to make sure it performs well. As a result, you get a premium product for a premium price. That’s why you’re most likely thinking about Original vs Sketch vs Ciao.

These Markers are refillable, making it a good investment as you only have to buy it once and refill it using the correct ink. The Alcohol based marker also allows you to replace nibs, making it completely flexible, great for coloring pages or learning how to draw.

There are several different types of Copic Markers, but the most common is the Copic Classic/Original, the Copic Sketch and the Copic Ciao. In this post, we’ll go through the different Copic Markers and how they are similar and different from each other.



Copic Original Marker

The Classic Copic Markers, sometimes known as Copic Original, are the first markers in this series. It comes in 214 different colors and is typically the most expensive out of the three as it holds the most amount of ink. The Classic Copic Markers have been used for decades by illustrators and designers worldwide.

With the Classic Copic Markers, you can refill it 9 times from one Various Ink bottle and it also has 9 different nib options. When buying the Classic Copic Markers, it comes standard with a Medium Broad and a fine nib. It would have been better if it came standard with a Medium Broad and Brush nib.

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Copic Sketch Marker

The Copic Sketch Markers are the most popular set of Copic Markers and for a reason. It comes in the widest range of colors, all 358. For the price point, it is in the middle of the Copic Classic and the Copic Ciao.

Since it is the most popular, it is also the most commonly available. With one Various Ink bottle, you can refill the Copic Sketch Markers 12 times. When buying the marker, it comes standard with a Medium Broad and a Super Brush nib. There are also 3 nib options to replace the nib if you prefer a different nib.

The barrel, unlike the Classic, has an oval shape. This shape makes it easier to color and the marker doesn’t roll away when you place it on the floor.

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Copic Ciao Marker

The Copic Ciao Markers are the cheapest and economical of the 3 Copic Markers. It is meant to be for beginners or people who’ve never used the Copic Markers. It’s cheaper because it holds the least amount of ink. The good thing is that if you’re refilling it with the Various Ink Bottle, you can refill it 15 times.

Because it’s meant for beginners, it has the least amount of color options: 180 colors. The barrel, however, is round and unlike the other markers, the Copic Ciao Marker rolls away when placed on the table. This makes it challenging when coloring with many colors at the same time.

You will be able to find these sets in most places where you can find the Copic Sketch but because the Copic Ciao Markers are the least expensive, it rarely goes on sale.

It does come standard with a Super Brush Nib and a Medium Broad Nib but the nibs are limited to those two only.

Ciao, has an oval shape. This shape makes it easier to color and the marker doesn’t roll away when you place it on the floor.

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Copic Marker Nibs

Since the Copic Markers have different nibs, when you’re trying to replace one of the nibs, it won’t necessarily fit the others. For example, the Copic Original nibs, which doesn’t come in a super brush nib, has a different size super brush nib than the Copic Sketch. Make sure to select the right nib.

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How long do Copic Markers Last?

We couldn’t finish a Copic review or Copic markers comparison without answering how long do Copic markers last? Well it depends on how much you use it. Since the Copic Classic holds the most amount of ink out of the 3, it’ll last you the longest. If you color frequently, these markers could last a few weeks to months based on use.


Best Copic Markers for beginners or to start with

It’s up to you what you’re budget is. If it’s your first time coloring with markers, it’s best to buy 2-3 colors for each marker type to get a feel for it. When you don’t have that big of a budget and you’re thinking about copic ciao vs sketch, you can start with the Sketch version as it’ll give you the best feel for the brand while keeping your expenses low.


Overall it’s up to you what markers you prefer. Since Copic Markers range from $3-5 a marker it does get to be very expensive. If you’re looking for the best return on value, the Copic Sketch is your best bet. If you’d like to just get started using the Copic Markers, then Copic Ciao is for you. If you want all the bell and whistles, then Copic Classic is for you.

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