Are you looking for ideas on gifts for seniors? There is one thing about seniors, they become pragmatic. There are many seniors who are less concerned about the gifts as they have got collectibles, coffee mugs, appliances and clothes for their lifetime that they are not interested in adding more stuff.

In fact, the gifts for seniors are the practical presents ensuring their lives are safer, easier and more functional. Make your shopping easier as here is a list of practical and useful items that can also be the best gifts for seniors.


Practical tools

  • Walker that is easy to hold and use.
  • Cup holder on wheelchair helps even to keep a water bottle handy.
  • A tote bag to carry essentials.
  • Automatic jar/can opener that can avert manual struggles.
  • GPS tracker watch is one of the valuable gifts for seniors to ensure they are safe.
  • Coloring Books such as Monthly Coloring Club to help them be creative and relax.



  • Custom photo calendar to keep the months and days on track and also to see the family faces smiling each day.
  • Custom photo album is useful for senior with Alzheimer’s. They can see the family photos and events and recollect the past, without causing strain.


Special gifts

  • Favorite restaurants gift certificates are one of the ideal gifts for seniors. You can set a date for a special meal in the same area and also join them.
  • Gift pampering services certificate for manicure, pedicure, hair styling or massage. The seniors may not spend on such activities and so gifting them such certificates is useful. The gift certificate amount can be entirely your choice.
  • If you are aware of the senior’s choice about music, you can gift them their choice of CDs.
  • If the senior has limited-mobility, one of the special gifts for seniors with such restrictions is the electric-powered wheelchair.


Functional gift


Monthly Coloring Club. Coloring books is not preferred by all seniors and even if they use it, they do not use it all the time. They may need it when they are a bit tired after a long day or bored for a longer time than usual. This purpose is rightly served by the Monthly Coloring Club. Basically, iyou get a different coloring book every month, allowing easy usefulness. It also comes with different designs and themes each month, along with the illustrations being printed on high artist quality rigid 100lb cardstock pages. You can color with markers, gel pens or colored pencils. Join the Monthly Coloring Club or gift it to someone you love!