An adult coloring club can be a great way to relax and meet new friends. Learn tips on how to start a successful monthly coloring club in your local or online community.

How to Start a Monthly Coloring Club
More and more adults are discovering the relaxation and child-like joy that can come from coloring as a hobby. When shared with others, this pastime can be a great way to connect in person and make new friends.
How many times have you joined a book club only to be too busy to finish reading the books? Even when book club members read the chosen books, the in-person gatherings often end up being about socializing and discussing personal lives. Adult coloring clubs are like book clubs without the homework.
Combining the benefits of art therapy with a chance to unwind with friends— whats not to like? This article explores how you can start a monthly adult coloring club in your area or online.

1. Look for an existing coloring club
One or more adult coloring clubs may already exist in your area. If this is the case, try attending to see if the group is a good fit for you.
To look for an existing coloring club, try one of the following:

  • Check the list of adult coloring groups on Meetup
  • Search Facebook events for a coloring club near you
  • Check the listing of events for your local public library
  • Or just check out google to search for online gathering

If you dont find an existing coloring club that works for you, don’t be intimidated about starting your own. Many people have started coloring clubs from small towns to big cities, online and everywhere in between. Its a low-risk endeavor, and you might be surprised how many others are interested.

2. Find a location
Once you’ve decided to start your own coloring club, the first step is finding a location to host it. If you’re looking for a more intimate group with only friends and acquaintances as members, rotating hosting duties at the homes of the group members is an option.
If meeting new people appeals to you, don’t be afraid to host a coloring club open to the public. There are many public locations that will let you use a large table and chairs for free, though check with them first to make sure what you’re planning is acceptable. Restaurants may not be the best fit, because food could spill on the coloring books or make spreading out to color difficult.
The following are commonly used in public locations for coloring clubs that are available in many local communities:

  • Public library
  • Book store
  • Coffee shop
  • Community center
  • Neighborhood clubhouse
  • Art museum
  • Art shop
  • Art school
  • of course, online as well using skype, hangout, or zoom

3. Advertise/invite attendees
Once youve decided on a venue, date, and time, spread the word about your coloring club! Consider coming up with a fun name for your coloring club, but be sure to make it clear what the club is about. Create an event on Facebook or Meetup and share your event online. Enlist your friends to help spread the word, and ask your planned location if they can put the event on their bulletin board and/or online calendar.

4. Gather supplies
Bring a variety of adult coloring books or some printed coloring pages to share with the group. You ll also want to have a selection of coloring tools, such as crayons, colored pencils, and markers.
Once your coloring club gets off the ground, you can rotate hosting duties for who brings the supplies or ask attendees to bring coloring materials to share. The gathering will be more fun with a mix of different coloring materials to try. Attendees might even discover a new favorite type of coloring.

5. Show up and have fun
Adult coloring is meant to be hassle-free so don’t feel the need to over-plan. The great thing about a coloring club is you can just show up and enjoy it. The whole point of a coloring club is to relax and meet some new friends. You might put on some background music if your venue allows it, but otherwise, the host’s duties should be minimal.
Coloring club gatherings are usually centered around organic conversation and don’t have formal agendas or demonstrations of techniques. Your coloring club event should practically host itself. Just be sure to greet attendees and make them feel welcome.

6. Repeat
Hopefully, your coloring club will be a great success. Set up a monthly schedule with a regular day and time, such as the third Tuesday night or second Saturday afternoon. That way your attendees can keep coloring club carved out on their calendars. Continue to advertise and invite new members if you like, though you may find you get a nice group of regular attendees going.

Have fun and enjoy your coloring club!


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