Woman drawing on the park.

Coloring is longer just for children; adults are now enjoying coloring books made of high-quality paper with detailed designs made just for them. Many adults can find their daily lives exhausting. Adult coloring is an easy way anyone can bring some relaxation and creativity into their day. This article will help you get started and learn how to get maximum enjoyment from this popular hobby.

Getting Started With the Hobby of Adult Coloring

1. Choose Your Coloring Materials

The first step to enjoying adult coloring is choosing a coloring book
and coloring tools that speak to you. When you look through the pages of a
coloring book, you should be wowed and inspired. The images should strike you
and prompt you to want to spend time making them even more beautiful. Adult
coloring books should be made of quality paper that prevents bleeding of
colors. There are many options available online and in stores, from animals to
nature scenes or geometric patterns.

When choosing coloring tools, select color palettes that are pleasing to
your eye and tools that feel good in your hands. Beginners may wish to start
with colored pencils, which can be more forgiving when trying to color within
the lines of intricate designs. Markers are another fun option, and there are
even brush-style blendable markers that can provide a watercolor-like
experience. You can try different options over time or build a library so you
can select what fits your mood.

2. Find a Quiet Place and Turn Off Electronics

So many adults today spend a large portion of their waking hours in
front of a screen. When constantly bombarded with high-tech sensory inputs,
there is little time for our minds to settle. The idea behind a hobby that
involves good old-fashioned paper is to invite some quiet into your life.

Get the most out of your adult coloring experience by finding a nice
quiet space where you can take your time and not feel distracted or rushed.
Turn off your electronic devices and sit down with a favorite beverage or wrap
yourself in a cozy blanket–whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Plan to take your time and enjoy the slow pace of adult coloring.

3. Don’t Be Intimidated–Just Go For It

The most challenging part of a creative activity can be taking the
initial step–or leap. Many adults get blocked creatively by not knowing how to
overcome the fear of the blank page. Adult coloring is a safe space where you
can go for it without fear of consequence. After all, it’s just a coloring

Try to jump right in without fear of messing up. You don’t need to have
a well-formed plan about how your coloring page will turn out. It’s alright if
you go outside the lines or if the colors don’t look like a work of art. The
point is to enjoy the journey, and after all, it’s just for fun.

4. Embrace Your Inner Child and Try Something New

The act of coloring hearkens back to childhood, that time when
imagination and creativity were central to everyday life. Embrace this feeling
once again through adult coloring. Experience the rewards of letting go and
enjoying the act of creating something you imagined.

Your coloring page doesn’t have to end up like the one on the cover of
the coloring book. There’s a reason why adult coloring books don’t come with
instructions. Adult coloring is your own miniature canvas where you get to
leave your mark and test out new ideas.

You can make a purple tiger if you want. You can make it rain sparkles
or rainbows on the page. Do whatever feels right to you in the moment. Try out
new techniques such as blending colors, making patterns, or even going beyond
the lines. Let your creativity shine through and enjoy the feeling of pushing
your own creative boundaries.

5. Make Adult Coloring a Regular Practice

To get the most out of adult coloring, try to make it part of a routine.
When you put your coloring book down, plan a time when you’ll come back to it
in the next few days, or even every day if you can. You’ll feel a sense of calm
and satisfaction when you’re able to finish a page and admire your work. As you
get deeper into the hobby, you’ll be able to expand your techniques and try out
new materials, witnessing your creativity blossom.

Get the Creativity Flowing

These five simple steps will get you started in the hobby of adult coloring. If it feels like the creative spark has left your life, adult coloring is one small way you can start to invite it back in on a regular basis. Adult coloring can offer a nice break from fast-paced digital world, and it’s accessible to everyone.

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