Coloring books are meant only for kids are old-beliefs. Now, adults have started turning towards coloring, a soothing art. There are many coloring books available, but while choosing, look for abstract or complex images as the convention is to use different colors keeping the outline smooth.

Books enhance creativity ensuring to keep the adults mind in a stress-free zone, calm and focused. Here are top 10 coloring books for adults:

Monthly Coloring Club:
This subscription service provides a new artist quality coloring book every month. It has different designs and themes every month. The pages are easy to tear and so thus you can display your artwork on completion.

Enchanted Forest:
This has the drawing of greenery and woodland creatures. The paper quality is top that the pens will not bleed. The imaginative illustrations are beautiful and with colors you can unlock your blocked mind

Tropical Wonderland:
This book has intricate drawings. It has exotic creatures ranging from parrots to plant life. The paper quality is exceptional that it is one of the
top 10 coloring books for adults that adults will surely like. Besides, there is space to add details and get creative.

The Mindfulness:
This coloring book is pocket-size to carry on- your- go. There are fabric patterns including geometric designs, floral-inspired shapes and intricate waves. This book takes your mind into focusing on the shapes and designs, that you become calm.

Calming Coloring Nature Patterns:
This has 96 pages patterns of petals, leaves, trees and landscapes. In fact, the pages quality is good and the designs are edge to edge appearing complex.

Release your anger:
This is one of the popular
top 10 coloring books for adults that have adult language. It contains swear words and rude words against floral backdrops. These harsh words against floral give adults a chance to reduce anger.

This book involves an element of search. You are given in the starting a key and there are weird creatures and small objects to spot out. This keeps the adults engaged.

The Creative Coloring Book for Grown Ups:
This is a pocket-sized book with a flexible spine that you can start from the centre and it has over 100 patterns.

Coloring Book for Adults: Amazing Swirls:
This coloring book has different patterns and scenes to be finished-off or colored-in.

Splendid Cities:
This book portrays fantastic cityscapes that adults can enjoy coloring. The heavy duty paper allows bringing out beautifully detailed illustrations, making it one of the
top 10 coloring books for adults.