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When it comes to student grade colored pencils, it is meant for those that are just beginning and in general novice student settings. The student grade colored pencils are generally wax-based and oftentimes will have a much harder core than other, more advanced options. This allows the pencils to be easier to control, be more durable, and be more simple to sharpen.

However, all of this comes at the cost. The cost is having generally a low blending and less intense colors than some of the higher-end brands. Also, student-grade pencils can also vary from the advertised color, and the available color options can sometimes be modified down to mainstream colors and vibrancy.

As for the packaging, it is generally pretty bare with these, and most will come in a standard plastic or cardboard sleeve. It makes sense since the pencils themselves will also generally be pretty standard, which is decent enough for their target audience, the beginners.

On the other hand, there are a few advantages for the student grade colored pencils. As expected, these are generally among the cheapest you can buy, and in some cases the slight loss of pencil performance is easily trumped by the fact that they can be 20% or less of the cost of the high-end premium lines. These coloring sets are often widely available, so if you’re in a pinch, you can find it easily.

If you’re someone who is just starting out and have not yet grasped advanced blending techniques and pressure control, these starter pencils are highly recommended. Not to mention that the good price point makes the barrier to entry quite low and, with proper homework, an educated purchases can be made that will result in great results with these colored pencils.

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Top Quality Art Supplies

Our Rating: 

Here’s the thing with this set, the overall presentation of the pencils and the case is sub-par. The usability for this set of student grade colored pencils is more than good and the color range you get to work with is quite impressive for the 72 wax core set. However, it has a hard lead and all of this comes at what we consider a fantastic price.

Pros: Good color options and price, decent vibrancy and intensity
Cons: Not as durable and no labeling on pencil

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Our Rating: 

The brand is not well known, but essentialy, the Ohuhu Colored Pencils are rebranded Marco Raffine colored pencils. They have very good color and application for the price. These graphite and clay-based colored pencils are available in 48 and 72 color sets and have a hexagonal barrel. However, when it comes to storing the round barrel container, it doesn’t fit so well with the color sets.

Pros: Good color intensity and price
Cons: Round packaging and not as durable

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Our Rating:

Crayola is a classic and for a good reason. They have a decent color application, but some of the colors don’t really put down their advertised color. When it comes to blending and mixing, it’s going to be somewhat difficult with these. They came in a variety of shapes, sizes, and special colors and can be purchased from sets of 8 up to 50. It’s why you used it when you were younger.

Pros: Widely available, durable pencils, bright colors, and price
Cons: Not as rich colors

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Sargent Art

Our Rating:

Targeted for beginners, these student grade colored pencils have a good price point and quality to support that. It comes in set from 12 to 56. On the upper end there are good color selections available. The color application however can be a bit weak so you might have to use layers to get the tones you are looking for. Since it’s 3.3 mm wax core is wrapped in a round wood outer shell, they are relatively strong so they should be able to handle a decent amount of abuse.

Pros: Color Variety and Price
Cons: Lacks color intensity

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Our Rating:

They produce decently vibrant colors and can be intensified with extra pressure and layers. Since it has thick 3.3mm hard wax core, it can hold up to extra pressure. However, the extra hard core can be prone to breakage during sharpening. For the price, it’s worth it. When it comes to blending it is lacking smoothness, but they are still a great pencil for someone starting out or even honing on their color and shading skills. The barrel is round shape and the Prang colored pencils are available in quantities from 12 to 50.

Pros: Adequate Color Variety and Good Price
Cons: Difficult to blend

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